Welcome to HalalTravels.com support center. HalalTravels is part of Globerry LTD UK. Here you can find the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find an answer to your questions below, please contact us at info@halaltravels.com or chat with one of representatives via our live chat.


  1. What is All-Inclusive, Bed & Breakfast, and Half Board?
    1. All-Inclusive: It means that the price includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Selected meals and drinks throughout the day are included.
    2. Bed & Breakfast: It means that the price includes breakfast and accommodation.
    3. Half Board: It means that the price includes accommodation, breakfast, and dinner.

  2. What is the difference between a double room and a twin room?
      A double room has one double size (French) bed while a twin room has two single (separate) beds. Please note that bed preferences are up to availability at the hotel and not guaranteed.

  3. What is Villa?
      A villa is a private property only for you. It is not under a property, it is an individual house. Please note that no meals are included at villas.

  4. What is recommended occupancy?
      This is important information for you. It means the maximum number of guests for a particular room type. HalalTravels.com recommends a lower occupancy for a comfortable stay. HalalTravels.com is not responsible if guests are not satisfied with the room size.

  5. Can I check in earlier?
      If you arrive earlier than your check-in time, you can add a special request including an early check-in via notes box while you make your online booking with us. Please note that, the property may or may not accept early check-in request and it is subject to the availability within the hotel. HalalTravels.com cannot be held responsible if the property does not allow you to check-in earlier although you sent it as a special request via our website.

  6. Can I say longer on the day of check-out?
      If you stay longer than your check-out time, you can add a special request including a late check-out while you make your online reservation on our website. Please note that property may or may not accept late check-out or they might charge you extra for a late check-out. HalalTravels.com cannot be held responsible if the property does not allow you to check-out late or charge you extra.

  7. Can I get a refund if I check-out earlier?
      Your bookings cannot be changed after you check-in the property. However, sometimes properties can give you a partial refund for your early check-out. You should discuss this with the property. Please note that HalalTravels.com is not responsible for early check-out refund or such requests cannot be made on our website.

  8. Can I get an extra bed/cot for my child?
      The room information on the property page usually contains about whether an extra bed/cot can be provided and if it is subject to an extra charge. Do not forget that you always have opportunity to add special request for an extra bed/cot while you book your hotel. However, HalalTravels.com is not responsible for special requests and special requests are not guaranteed. Always check your special requests with the property booked on our website or get assistance/help from our Customer Support Team.

  9. What if I misspell names on booking details?
      Guests must provide correct information about their personal information. If you made a mistake on your booking, please contact us immediately with your supporting documents. Please note that HalalTravels.com is not responsible for the consequences of wrong personal information on booking details.

  10. Is there a reception or any staff at Villa?
      No. All villas are 100% private and only for you. There won’t be any staff during your stay. However, a check-in representative will welcome you and give basic information about your villa and you’ll pay the rest amount of your reservation to that representative. Also, a representative will be there for your check-out. Please note that, some villas are included daily cleaning services, you’ll be notified for the times of cleaning services on your booking.


  1. Can I book over the phone?
    1. No. All bookings must be made online. However, you can always contact the Customer Support Team for assistance to complete your online reservation.

  2. How can I book a property or services?
    1. For hotels and tours, you will simply use our search box on the home page by entering where you want to go and the time period you want to reserve. You can also go to other services by clicking each menu on the top depending on your needs. Some add-on services are offered when you move to payment check out. Review our How it Works page for more information.

  3. When and how will I get booking confirmation?
    1. You will receive your confirmation after submitting your payment card details and/or after we receive your full payment. We often send booking confirmation instantly while some confirmations for some accommodation types can take up to 24 hours. If a confirmation exceeds 24 hours, please contact us via email or live chat. All confirmations are sent via email. Thus, you need to check your all email boxes including your Junk email box.

  4. What is a 24-hour confirmation booking?
    1. Some properties, especially villas, may not be able to provide instant confirmation. In such cases, we will confirm availability with our suppliers for your booking within 24 hours. If you booked accommodation without instant confirmation, please do not book flights until you receive your booking confirmation from us. You can always check your booking status by contacting our Customer Support Team.

  5. Do I need to print out the booking confirmation e-mail?
    1. No. On arrival, the person whose name is on the booking as a principal guest must show a personal ID (passport or driving license). Please note that, HalalTravels.com suggests you to keep your booking confirmation on your mobile phone or personal computer. In case of any problem, you can show your booking confirmation to the property.

  6. I made a mistake in my booking, what should I do?
    1. We may have a different cancellation policy for each service you book. Please check the cancellation policy for your booking(s), which you can find in your booking confirmation. This indicates whether a cancellation or modification is possible free of charge or what the charge would be. In general, bookings with non-refundable rates cannot be changed. However, you can always contact our Customer Support Team and we will try our best to help you.

  7. What is Non-refundable Booking and Free Cancellation Booking?
    1. Non-refundable Booking: In most cases, its rate is lower than a free-cancellation booking rate. However, it has a different cancellation policy and usually requires a 100% charge in case of cancellation.
      Free-cancellation Booking: In most cases, its rate is higher than a non-refundable booking rate. However, it has a flexible cancellation policy and usually allows you to cancel your booking free of charge if done within the time period set by the property.
      You can find the policy details indicated on the respective property page on our website or in your booking confirmation e-mail.

  8. What are the Halal-friendly Features means?
    1. Halal-friendly features are created by HalalTravels.com and it refers to that the property has halal food, no-alcohol policy and separate swimming pools or beaches or spa or fitness for women-only. HalalTravels.com has carefully checked such features for each property type. However, some properties might or might not offer such features recently. You can always double check with our Customer Support Team or the property itself to make sure. HalalTravels.com cannot be held responsible for any missing feature.

  9. What does Family-Friendly Property mean?
    1. A Family-Friendly Property means that the property has special features for families, such as; children playground, extra crib, child-friendly environment, family rooms, family spa or pool, etc. You can find further details on our property description pages for each property you are interested in.


  1. What happens if I don’t pay?
    1. If you do not pay for your online booking, you will not have a confirmed reservation. Room availability and prices can change at any time. Please make sure you complete your payment successfully and easily via our payment page for your selected services.

  2. What if I paid but I didn’t get a confirmation?
    1. Please double-check your inbox and spam folders. If the room you booked was on instant confirmation booking and the confirmation cannot be found in your inbox or spam folders, please contact us then immediately. However, if the room is on the 24-hour confirmation, you should allow 24-hours to receive the confirmation e-mail. We recommend that you may not want to book any of your flights until you receive the booking confirmation.

  3. Do I need to pay now to make a booking or can I pay on arrival?
    1. Some properties require advance payment of the full amount at the time of booking in order to confirm your booking. However, for others full amount will be charged before the free-cancellation date on your booking.HalalTravels.com does not allow you to pay on your arrival except bookings for villas.
    2. For the villa bookings, you will generally pay 35% of the total amount at the time of booking in order to confirm your booking. Once we confirm your villa booking mostly within 24 hours, you will be able to pay the rest of the total amount (65%) upon your arrival at the property.

  4. What do I do if I have problems with the payments?
    1. If you encounter any problem during your payment process or if you have any other payment-related questions, please contact our Customer Support Team for assistance to complete your booking.

  5. Can I pay for instalments?
    1. Unfortunately no. We do not offer any instalment option for the payments.

  6. Which payment methods does HalalTravels.com provide?
    1. We accept most of the major cards including Visa and MasterCard. On HalalTravels.com, you can pay by credit/debit card. After your payment, you’ll receive an instant confirmation in most cases. If you need any assistance for payments, please contact us.

  7. Why do I need to provide my payment card details in advance?
    1. HalalTravels.com requests card details in advance in order to guarantee your online booking. For fraud prevention, HalalTravels.com may hold an amount on your card to check whether the card is valid and has sufficient funds. HalalTravels.com will charge you before the free cancellation date.

  8. Who is going to charge my card and when?
    1. HalalTravels.com or one of our partners will charge your card online. Because HalalTravels is part of Globerry LTD UK, you may see Globerry LTD on your banking statements. The payment terms displayed on your booking should indicate whether your online booking requires an instant or later payment before the free cancellation date.

  9. What taxes and fees are included in the price?
    1. Prices on our website include taxes and fees so that you have the ability to see the real total prices at a glance. On our website, what you will see is what you will pay. Please note that properties may request an extra charge at the property when you have special requests under your confirmation and HalalTravels.com cannot be held responsible for such additional fees.

  10. Is there any additional card fees for international payments?
    1. HalalTravels.com is a London, UK, based private company. All your payments are processed by our international third-party payment processor partner and deposited to our UK-based business bank account. Although some local cards and banks tend to charge additional card fees for international payments, HalalTravels.com makes the best effort in order to prevent you from such potential charges. However, HalalTravels.com cannot be held responsible for any additional card fees that your bank charges for international payments.


  1. How can I cancel my booking?
    1. If you made a free cancellation booking, you may be able to cancel your booking before your free cancellation deadline. You will need to send an email with your cancellation request to info@halaltravels.com or via live chat stating the reason for your cancellation as soon as you decide to cancel your booking. Make sure that the property’s cancellation policy will apply. If you made a non-refundable booking, you can’t cancel your booking at all.

  2. How do I know if my booking was cancelled?
    1. You will receive an email confirmation about the cancellation. Check your inbox or spam box. If you successfully cancelled your booking online but did not receive any confirmation at all, please contact us with your booking number at info@halaltravels.com or live chat on our website.

  3. Where can I find a property’s cancellation policy?
    1. You can find the cancellation policies of property on the respective property page on HalalTravels.com or on your booking confirmation email.

  4. Can I cancel my booking free of charge?
    1. Depending on the cancellation policy for your booking, you might be able to cancel your reservation free of charge and you might only be eligible for a partial refund or no refund at all. 

      If you cancel your reservation within the free cancellation period, you will be entitled to a full refund of the total price. Please make sure that your refund will be made in the service provider’s currency and prices in your local currency are indicative only and are based on the exchange rate at the time. Final prices are always indicated in the service provider’s currencies. For instance, if you booked a room in March for 1,000 Turkish lira and paid 126 Euro as equivalent to 1,000 TL at the exchange rate at the time of your booking and if you then wanted to cancel your booking in July (within the free cancellation period), you would then be refunded 1,000 TL in the currency in which you booked your service. If the exchange rate had fluctuated between March and July, however, this could now be less or more in Euro, than it was when you first paid.

  5. Can I cancel or change dates for non-refundable booking?
    1. Non-refundable bookings generally incur a charge, which refers to 100% of the price, based on the property’s cancellation policy. However, if you contact us via info@halaltravels.com or our live chat, we will try our best to cancel your booking without charging you any fees. Such request is subject to property’s availability and HalalTravels.com cannot be held responsible for non-refundable bookings. In most cases, if you directly contact with the property, the property may help change your booking dates depending on the room availability at certain dates.

  6. How will I get my refund?
    1. After your cancellation is confirmed, you will receive a refund within the next 15 working days on your credit/debit card that you processed your payment at the time of booking. If your refund was not issued within this period of time, please contact us.

  7. What happens if I become ill and can’t travel?
    1. If the cancellation policy depending on your selected service doesn’t allow a free cancellation, please contact us immediately by providing a medical report stating that you are unable to travel for medical reasons. We will then contact the property or tour operator to cancel your booking free of charge and/or to change your arrival dates. However, HalalTravels.com cannot be held responsible for any issue regarding a free cancellation.

  8. What happens if a relative has passed away and I can’t travel?/li>
      We understand how dramatic it will be for you. If your booking type includes free cancellation until a certain date, you can cancel your booking with an issue. However, if your booking is non-refundable, you will be entitled to service provider’s cancellation policy in which there is generally no refund for any cancellation. If you contact us immediately and send a copy of the death certificate to info@halaltravels.com, our team will do their best to get in touch with the service provider to cancel your booking free of charge or with small fees. Please note that service providers are not required to offer free cancellations for non-refundable bookings.

  9. What happens if I don’t like the property?
    1. First, we encourage you to talk to the hotel management to report the problem you experience at the property. The hotel management generally finds a way to help you for your comfort. Another alternative you would think is to cancel your current reservation and book a new one immediately via our website. In this case, please make sure that your booking has a free cancellation policy. Because we are only helping you to book your service easily and securely via our platform, it is the service provider’s responsibility to provide the best service to its guests. You can always contact us to ask any help.

  10. What happens if I cancelled my free-cancellation booking but didn’t get any refund?
    1. When you successfully cancel your booking that is eligible for free cancellation, you should expect a refund to the same card that you used to pay your service. We generally issue the refund within 15 days. If you did not receive any refund within 15 days, please contact us and we will be happy to help.


  1. Are the written prices for one or all guests?
    1. While some properties’ pricing policy refers to per person, others choose to provide pricing per room . On each property page on our website, you can find the property’s pricing policy whether it is per person or per room.

  2. Do my children stay with me free of charge?
    1. Each property has a different pricing policy when it comes to child stay. In general, properties may allow infants (up to 2-3 years old) stay without an extra fee, children (3-12 years old) with 50% charge, and children (over 12 years old) with full adult rate. As mentioned, this varies from property to property. Also, some properties may provide a free additional bed for the third person regardless of the age while others may charge extra. Please read the property descriptions on our website where we generally provide such information for you.

  3. Is breakfast included in the price?
    1. If a breakfast is included in the price, you should be able to see it in each property page on our website. It actually depends on which board options you selected. We have various properties offering different board plans including room only, breakfast included, half board, full board, and all-inclusive. Please read the details carefully before you finalize your online booking. If you need to learn what each board options offers, go to question #1 under the Accommodation section on this page.

  4. Are the prices current and accurate?
    1. Yes. Prices visible online are always up to date. Please note that prices in your local currency are indicative only and based on current exchange rates. Actual prices are shown in the (€) EURO currency.

  5. Does the price include any early booking discount or any other discounts?
    1. All available discounts are already automatically included in the listed prices. We recommend that you register for our customer loyalty coupons programme for additional discounts and privileges. Follow the link below to find all information regarding HalalTravels.com Coupon Club.


  1. What is a private airport transfer?
    1. HalalTravels.com is happy to provide online private airport transfer booking all the time you need. All of our private airport transfers are only for you or your family/group. Our Muslim-friendly drivers will pick you up from the airport on your arrival and take you to your reserved accommodation or any location you booked. Depending on your request while booking, our drivers will also take you back to the airport at the end of your stay. The size and type of the vehicle vary depending on the number of guests in your booking. Please note that our private airport service is not a shuttle transfer that is shared with other guests or frequently stops at other hotel locations.

  2. How can I book transfers?
    1. HalalTravels.com gives you two options to book your transfers. Your first option is directly going to the “Airport Transfer” menu on the top of our home page and choose your ideal vehicle size depending on how many people you are with. Your second is to add transfer service as an add-on item at the end of your accommodation booking. Once you move forward making your reservation, we will show you options if you would like to add. You can always contact our customer service to get help if you encounter any problem.

  3. How does the transfer company know when I will arrive at the airport?
    1. When you make your reservation online, we will ask you to provide us with your flight details. If not, you should receive an email from HalalTravels.com requestion your flight information. Your transfer is not fully booked and confirmed until you submit your flight information. Please make sure that you provide the correct information including your flight arrival date, time, and the name of the airport to avoid any delays. If any change happens to your flight arrival, you should immediately let us know via info@halaltravels.com by providing your reservation details.

  4. How will I recognize the transfer driver?
    1. Our drivers will wait for you or your family/group outside at the airport terminal on the arrival section, holding a sign showing your name or HalalTravels.com.

  5. What if I cannot find the transfer driver?
    1. If you cannot find your assigned transfer driver or the vehicle, please call the phone number we provided in your transfer confirmation email. If you still cannot reach your driver, you can always contact us via live chat or info@halaltravels.com.

  6. What happens if my flight gets delayed?
    1. We, HalalTravels.com, keep monitoring your flight status live. If your flight is delayed, we immediately inform your driver for your updated arrival time. If you already know your flight changed or delayed from your original booking, please let us know immediately. Also, if your flight is delayed more than 3 hours or cancelled, please inform us as soon as possible.

  7. How long will the transfer take?
    1. The transfer time varies depending on the location of your reserved property and its distance and traffic to the airport. Our driver will directly take you to your property as soon as he picks you up. If you need an estimated time arrival, please check the distance between the airport and your property on any online map.

  8. What time will the transfer company pick me up from the hotel?
    1. Your pick-up time for your return transfer from the hotel to the airport is indicated on your transfer booking confirmation email which you will receive after you submit your flight details. Our transfer supplier determines the exact pick-up time depending on your flight departure time. The determined time allows you to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure time. Please make sure that you provide an accurate departure date, time, and airport for your return flight to avoid any delays.

  9. What kind of vehicle will pick me up?
    1. HalalTravels.com works with best and high quality vehicles featuring air conditioner. We generally transfer you to the airport via Mercedes Vito, Volkswagen Transporter, or Mercedes Sprinter depending on the number of passengers.

  10. What if my luggage does not fit to the vehicle?
    1. Please check the luggage space of the car before completing your booking. Please note that we provide information on the maximum acceptable luggage number for each specific vehicle type on our transfer booking page. Some cars have smaller spaces while others have bigger spaces for your luggages. Please note that if you bring more luggage than the maximum number we specified, the driver may not accept all your luggge. HalalTravels.com cannot be held responsible for that. To avoid this problem, we suggest you reserve a bigger sized vehicle on our website and note why you prefer a larger car.

Tours & Activities

  1. What is the difference between Regular Tours and Private Tours?
    1. Regular Tours refer to that there will be a group of people in that tour including you. Usually the number of participants in the regular tours changes between 5 to 20.
    2. Private Tours refer to that there will be only you or your family on that tour with a private driver and a private tour guide.

  2. Is there any extra charge for the tour & activities?
    1. All included and excluded things are shown on the details page of each tour and activity. Some features might be charged extra and it is mentioned in the description page of the selected tour or activity. Please check all the details before you complete your booking.

  3. How will I meet with the guide or driver?
    1. Usually, the driver picks you up from your hotel. For regular tours and activities, there will be a meeting point shown on the details page and you are supposed to meet with the guide or driver at the meeting point at least 15 min before the departure time.

  4. Which languages are spoken by the tour guide?
    1. Usually, all tour guides can speak English, Turkish, and Arabic. Some of them can speak Russian, French, and Germany. Please note that you should inform us about your language preferences and we will arrange a tour guide who can speak your language.

  5. Can I cancel my Tours & Activities booking?
    1. Most of the tours & activities have a free-cancellation policy before 2 days from the tour & activity start date. You can check the cancellation policies on tour details on our website. Please note that you can always contact us for your cancellation requests.

Mobile Hotspot Rental

  1. What is a mobile hotspot?
    1. Mobile Hotspot is a wireless portable router device that connects any WiFi enabled device to 4.5G internet without any cable. By using a mobile hotspot you will avoid expensive data roaming charges from any carrier and you don’t have to seek free WI-FI anytime you need an Internet connection.

  2. How many devices can I connect this mobile hotspot?
    1. You can connect up to 10 devices to your Mobile Hotspot rental. Please note that all the connected devices will share the Internet speed, so all devices connected at a time may slow down your connection noticeably.

  3. Can I use SMS or make calls?
    1. No, unfortunately our mobile hotspot devices do not currently support the use of SMS or calls on our devices. However, because you will have an internet connection all the time, it will allow you to use any third party apps for any purposes.

  4. How will I pick-up / drop off the device?
    1. Our service provider will ship the device to your hotel reception before you check-in. After you pick up and use within the rental time, you will be able to drop it off to the hotel reception at the time of your check-out.

  5. What is the coverage like?
    1. HalalTravels.com makes partnerships with the leading mobile telecom operators in Turkey to provide you with the fastest and most secure connection available while you travel. While there will always be great coverage in populated regions, cities, and towns, we suggest you contact us if you would like us to verify the coverage when you are travelling to uninhabited areas in Turkey. Our mobile hotspot rentals are currently only available for Turkey visitors.


  1. Can I book a table on a restaurant from HalalTravels.com?
    1. Unfortunately, no. HalalTravels.com only provides basic information about halal restaurants for you. If you want to book a table, please contact the restaurant.

  2. Are all restaurants Halal?
    1. Yes. HalalTravels.com only lists restaurants with halal food and no-alcohol. If otherwise, we provide further details under the restaurants’ descriptions.

  3. Are the details of the restaurants is up to date?
    1. Yes, we work hard to bring you the up to date information about the restaurants. However, some restaurant information might not reflect the current changes that the restaurant recently did. So, we suggest contacting the restaurant with the phone number we provide for in the restaurant description page. HalalTravels.com cannot be held responsible for that.

Halal Travel Masters

  1. What is Halal Travel Masters?
    1. Halal Travel Masters are a travelling team who are expert on halal travel. The team is always ready to arrange a special travel itinerary for you in the case you contact us on HalalTravels.com. Halal travel is made easy with our Halal Travel Masters.

  2. What is HalalTravel Masters Overview?
    1. After carefully reviewing, our HalalTravel Masters provide their comments and feedback on each accommodation and service we listed on our website. We believe you deserve an expert view on each service you would like to book to make better-informed decisions for your holiday. If you need a special travel itinerary for you or your family/group, please contact us.

  3. What is HalalTravel Masters Itinerary?
    1. Our Halal Travel Masters prepare a tailored travel itinerary for you, based on your preferences including your desired destination, date, personal needs, best locations you must see in the city, best halal food and restaurants in the city, and top activities that you must do in the city.

  4. What is HalalTravel Masters Package Tours?
    1. Our Halal Travel Masters design halal travel package tours and activities and share it on our website. These tour packages meet all your travel needs including private tours and activities, transfers, restaurants, and mobile hotspot. Our masters work hard to prepare the best standard tour packages for you to get the most out of your halal holiday.

  5. Will a Halal Travel Master guide me during my trip?
    1. None of our Halal Travel Masters is tour guide. Thus, they will not be with you during your trip. However, if you choose a guided tour, one of our best tour guides accompanies you during your trip. All details are provided in the tour description page or sent you via email on your booking confirmation.

  6. Can I be a Halal Travel Master?
    1. We know that if you are reading the answer to this question, you probably feel excited as much as we do about halal travel. Then, of course, we need you. If you think you have enough experience about halal travel in some cities, do not hesitate to apply for being one of our halal travel masters. Everyone who feels excited about halal travel can apply for our halal travel master program. Once your application is accepted and you start helping our customers, you will begin earning travel coupons. For details, contact us at info@halaltravels.com.

  7. Are Halal Travel Masters well-informed about Muslim Travellers’ concerns?
    1. Definitely Yes! We pick the best halal travel masters to work with so that we provide the best services to our travellers. Our HTMs share the values you have and know/experience the concerns you have had. So, we are here to help you experience the best ever halal holiday.

  8. Can I ask them questions about my trip?
    1. In the near future, YES! We are building a forum page where you can ask all your questions to the other travellers as well as our Halal Travel Masters.

  9. Can I cancel my Halal Travel Master Itinerary Booking?
    1. No. Halal Travel Masters Itinerary is built only for you upon your request and it is non-refundable. You cannot cancel that service.

  10. Can I contact them directly?
    1. Yes, you can send your message to the info@halaltravels.com or via live chat, and if you address HalalTravel Masters on the title of the message, we will redirect your message to them.

Cashback & Coupon Program

  1. What is Cashback & Coupon Program ?
    1. It is a customer loyalty program of HalalTravels.com.

  2. How can I get Cashback?
    1. You need to register to HalalTravels.com to get your cashback. All cashback will be paid by halal travels coupons that you can use to book a service on our website.

  3. What percentage will I get?
  4. You will get;
    1. Regular Tours refer to that there will be a group of people in that tour including you. Usually the number of the participants in the regular tours change between 5 to 20.
    2. Private Tours refer to that there will be only you or your family on that tour with a private driver and a private tour guide.

  5. How can I use my coupons?
    1. Your coupons will be added to your account in 2 days from your reservation date. You can use your coupons for all kind of reservations on our website.

  6. Can I use multiple coupons for one reservation?
    1. Yes. You can use multiple coupons for one reservation.

  7. What is bonus 2% Coupon?
    1. When the total amount of your coupons reaches €50, we will combine those coupons into one single coupon, and we will give you an extra 2% bonus. In this example, the value of your new combined coupon will be €51 that and we will add to your account.

  8. Can I sell or transfer my coupons to someone?
    1. No, you cannot sell or transfer your coupons.

  9. Can I pay total amount of my booking with my coupons?
    1. Yes, you can pay the total amount with your coupons if your coupon has enough balance.

  10. What if I made a booking but I didn’t receive my coupon?
    1. All coupons will be added to your account in 2 days from your reservation date. So, you should wait 2 days after your reservation. After 2 days, if you still didn’t receive your coupon, you should contact us.

  11. Is there an expiration date for my coupons?
    1. Loyalty coupons have no expiration date. However, some of the bonus coupons have expiration dates and they are indicated on the details.

General Questions

  1. Does booking through HalalTravels.com include travel or medical insurance?
    1. No. Bookings made through HalalTravels.com do not include travel or medical insurance. Travellers are suggested to get their own travel insurance for health coverage and/or baggage loss.

  2. Do you have any special honeymoon packages?
    1. Some properties provide services for honeymoon couples. We recommend that you leave a message in the additional information / special requests box on our booking page to make the property aware of your honeymoon special request. If you need help with your honeymoon bookings, please contact us at info@halaltravels.com.

  3. My boy is 7 years old. Can he join me in the women-only section?
    1. This depends on the property’s policies. Generally, boys above 6 years old are not permitted in women-only facilities and girls above 6 years old are not permitted in men-only facilities at the properties. However, the hotel management makes the final decision. We recommend you to contact the hotel management to avoid any disappointment.

  4. Do I need a visa?
    1. You may or may not need a visa. It is your responsibility to check whether you and the other members of your party/family need a visa to enter the country where you are travelling to. You can usually obtain this information from the visa section of the Consulate General of the country you plan to travel.

  5. What are the passport requirements?
    1. Generally, each traveller must hold a valid passport with at least 6 months prior to the expiration date. All children who are not already included on a valid passport will also need to hold their own passports if they are travelling abroad with you. It is your responsibility to make sure that you and other members travelling with you have valid passports if required.

  6. How do I file a complaint?
    1. We require you to file all your complaints written. To submit your complaint, please send us an email at info@halaltravels.com, stating the nature of your complaint with as much detailed information as possible in addition to your booking number and mobile phone number. Feel free to provide us with photographic evidence to support your complaint.

      However, please note that we generally advise our travellers to contact first with the service provider’s reception or guest relations department to seek a resolution of your complaints. In most cases, the service provider or the property managers will be able to resolve your complaint immediately while you are there. However, if you are still unhappy with the service you receive and it is not resolved yet, please contact us as soon as possible in order for us to try to help to solve your complaints. Please do not wait or delay until after your trip as we may be able to resolve the issue for you during your stay in many cases. 

      Please note that HalalTravels.com is a booking platform and does not act as a tour operator nor as an accommodation provider, and nor an airport transfer company. Please read the relevant sections carefully in our Terms & Conditions.

      HalalTravels.com would like to take this opportunity to apologise if you are unhappy with any part of your travel experience. Our goal is to resolve your complaint within 28 days pending a full investigation. Please note that this may take a little longer than expected during peak seasons.

  7. When is a good time to travel to a certain destination?
    1. We advise you to check the weather forecast and/or past weather data for your travel destination for your preferred travel dates on third-party weather websites. If the weather conditions are fine for you, then you might be ready to travel to your dreamed holiday destinations.s

  8. What if I couldn’t find the answer to my question?
    1. If we did not cover any of your questions under FAQ page, please send us your question at info@halaltravels.com or at our live chat.

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