Coronavirus (Covid-19) Support


The Covid 19 pandemic has made access to information concerning travel restrictions and safety become very crucial for travelers. HalalTravels is taking the lead to provide our customers with valuable resources concerning travel regulations and also allowing customers to verify the safety of their desired destinations and accommodations before booking.



Travel Regulations Map

IATA is an authority whose purpose is to accommodate the needs of the Airline Industry. Governments are developing different travel and health regulations and IATA is working closely with Governments all over the world in order to set up a user-friendly travel database that travelers can easily access to find out relevant travel and health restrictions. 



 The WTTC developed the Safe Travels Global Protocols to make it easier to unify and standardize the rules and cleanliness standards across the travel industry. The map allows travelers to identify countries or businesses that have adopted these standards. The Protocols encompass airports, hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise lines, transportation, tour operators, tourist attractions, short term rentals, car rentals, and outdoor shopping facilities. The Safe Travels Stamp is also easily identifiable and will help make travelers feel safe and at ease.

World Health Organization’s (WHO) Travel Advice





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Traveler’s Tip 

Here are TOP 5 Key Travel Documents to have for any international journey that you may embark on.


  1. Passport: Check that you have at least 6 months before your passport expires and make sure you have sufficient blank pages within the passport book. Different countries have different specifications as to how many blank pages a traveler needs to have on his / her passport.


  1. Visa: Verify if you can get a visa on arrival or if you need to apply ahead of time. Some applications take a long time to process so plan your trip accordingly. Visa requirements depend on the destinations and the citizenship of travellers as well.


  1. Ticket: Print a copy of your confirmed ticket and leave it with you. You may be asked to provide proof of onward travel at some immigration offices when requesting a visa. There is a possibility your visa request may be rejected so it is a good idea to have a refundable cancellable ticket. It may be more expensive but at least you will get some of your money back.


  1. Travel Insurance: is not a necessity but it is good to have incase of emergencies like lost luggage, flight cancellations, medical emergencies etc. Some Airlines and Credit card companies are providing complimentary travel insurance so it is a good idea to identify which Airlines or Credit providers offer this service. 


  1. Proof of Accomodation ( Hotel Booking ): Tourists are normally requested to provide proof that they have a place to stay. An email from the hotel where you have booked with a confirmation number will normally suffice but do verify that the confirmation number is still valid since some countries do double check if your accommodation details are correct and valid.


Have a wonderful and safe trip!