HalalTravels.com envisions making travel accessible to all halal-conscious people worldwide.

Who Are We?

HalalTravels.com was established in London, the UK in 2019, to make travel accessible to all Muslims. We offer thousands of Muslim-Friendly accommodation options and other travel-related services tailored to the unique needs of Muslim travelers. Our team, the Halal Travel Experts, ensure that the properties we listed on our website meet the following criteria:

  • Halal Food Availability (in the property or at a walking distance)
  • No-Alcohol Policy (on the premises or in the room)
  • Women-Only Facilities (entire day or certain hours of the day)

We are passionate and dedicated to providing Muslim Travelers with the best travel experience.

Awarded as The Most Innovative Online Muslim Travel Agency 2020, HalalTravels.com seeks to provide innovative solutions to the online booking process for Muslim Travelers.

How to Book Your Dream Holiday?

Whether you want to plan a city break, honeymoon, family beach holiday, or a private villa getaway, you are at the right place!

Our Halal Travel Experts carefully select Muslim-Friendly hotels, resorts, and private villas. Many of our hotels and resorts have a no-alcohol policy, serve only halal food, and offer women-only facilities (beach swimming, pools, and/or spa facilities). You can use our halal friendliness filters to find the right place for your dream holiday.

Simply type the hotel, destination, or landmark of interest in our search engine, and you’ll find all the Muslim-Friendly accommodation options with the best prices on our website. You can book in just a minute.


You can always contact one of our Halal Travel Experts if you have any questions or are unsure about choosing the right place for your dream holiday. Our Halal Travel Experts offer FREE WhatsApp channel or Live Chat on our website.