What is Halal Travel?

What is Halal Travel?

As a specific market “halal-friendly or halal conscious” tourism comprises halal hotels, resorts, and villas. The list also includes halal restaurants, transportation, tours, and activities. It is a major sector of economy where the elements intertwine with each other.

How a travel can be Halal?

Muslim-friendly, also referred as family-friendly, travel is established within the tourism industry to explain away concerns of Muslim travelers, and it has gained popularity in recent years. Travel industry across the globe has recognized the growing numbers of Muslim travelers and began to address the specific needs of this unique population. Such needs could range from providing halal food and alcohol free environment to giving special attention to ladies privacy.

Although Muslims around the world have different ways and degrees in practicing their faith, there is somehow a consensus on, of course with differing degrees, the main needs of halal food, alcohol free environment, prayer facilities, and secluded areas that provide privacy for women and families.

Our team has partnered with Muslim-friendly accommodations to ensure that your travel experience is within the parameters of permissible. Our partners have agreed that: a) there will always be halal food available, b) there will be no alcohol within the premises or within your room, b) there will be facilities available for women only (e.g. spa, pool, or beach) whole day or certain hours of the day.

All of our services are geared towards enabling customers to maintain their values and modesty. We understand your needs, and we guarantee that you will never be served non-halal food or alcohol during your stay. As a Muslim traveler, you can be confident about your halal concerns when you book with us.

What do we offer?

As a one-stop shop travel agency, we address all your travel needs and tailor them to your needs. You may explore these services below.

  • Hotels & Resorts: All accommodation types on our website is Muslim-friendly. They have halal food in their property, they do not serve alcohol, and some properties offer ladies-only pool, beach & spa facilities.

  • Private Villas: Besides halal hotels & resorts, we offer great villas for travelers who prefer full privacy during their holiday. All of our luxury villas have secluded pool away from outside eye. It is a great choice for your family to enjoy a fully-private travel. Villas feature nature or sea views.

  • Tours & Activities: All the tours and activities listed on our website are Muslim-friendly. Thus, you will not be served alcohol, or be exposed to anything outside the parameters or halal (e.g. gambling or adult content). As our guides are either Muslim or Muslim-friendly, your special needs as a Muslim traveler are considered (e.g. prayer breaks).

  • Airport Transfer: Would you like to have some privacy or family time on your travel from airport to your hotel? We got that covered. All our vehicles have a separated driver’s cabin and passenger compartment by a partition wall with integrated TV or window, offering maximum comfort in the rear.

  • Mobile Hotspot: If you rent a Wi-Fi connection with us, we will provide you with the fastest, cheapest, and Muslim-friendly Internet connection with a pocket router during your travel. Features such as adult content control and parent control are also part of the offer. Hassle free pick-up and drop-off.

  • Restaurants: Finding a place to eat and drink could be troublesome when you are in a new city. All of our partner restaurants are fully halal meaning that they do not serve alcohol and all the food on the menu is halal. 

Plan & Book your next holiday on HalalTravels.com and experience the best Halal travel with us.

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