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Limited Time offer for new members!

Welcome new members to our family. Once you register, you will have your €20 coupon available within 24 hours. You may use your coupon for every bookable item on our website. Registration is free.

This deal ends on December 31, 2019

€20 coupon for Halal Travel Bloggers!

Would you like to share your travel experiences with your Muslim brothers and sisters and earn €20 coupon?

Share your travel experiences in a blog format with HalalTravels Masters, and if accepted, you will have your blog published and earn €20 coupon.

Build your own private tour itinerary!

Build your own itinerary and get professional assistance from HalalTravels Masters with a 35% discount. Private car and professional driver is included in all private tours.

A private guide may be arranged upon request with an additional cost. This offer is only for half-day or full-day private tours. 

This deal ends at December 31, 2019

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Limited Time offer! offers 15% discount for private airport transfers from/to all airports in Istanbul.

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Special Offer on Turkey Tours

Our HalalTravels Masters built special all-inclusive Turkey tours for you. This tour includes handpicked hotels, tours, VIP transfers, and mobile hotspot. Earn your €50  off.

This deal ends at December 31, ,2019

Special Offer on HalalTravels Masters' Custom Itinerary!

HalalTravels Masters will build a special travel itinerary specifically for you. In that itinerary, they will include all must-see landmarks & activities based on your preferences.

This is a perfect offer if you want to use your time wisely and see as much as possible.  

This deal ends at December 31, 2019

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