Be a HalalTravels Master

Welcome to the HalalTravels Masters Club!

Let us introduce ourselves to you, we are travelling the world for a long time and we know many things & tricks about travelling. In this club, we inspire Muslim Travellers to explore the world. Key to our strategy has always been to attract and retain people who share our passion about travelling we are trying to build, based on our core purpose and values: integrity and honesty, unending enthusiasm and continuing spirit of inquiry

To inspire Muslim Travellers, we share our experiences, travel tips, our overviews about popular places and more on our blog page. If you didn't see yet, just check it out! 

We are looking for new folks! If you believe that you have enough travel experiences to be a HalalTravels Master, send us your background, travel experiences, and a travel blog sample you have written. If our marketing team like your blog, we will contact you and add you to the club. Our club is full of opportunities. You'll get €20 coupon if you are added to the club and this is just the start of other great opportunities!

Our blogs are only written and published in English. So, English speakers who are native or have a professional level of English should reach out to us at

Looking forward to hearing from you. Do not miss the opportunity to join this young and world-oriented passionate team.

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